Asthma Education

We invite our families (we actually strongly encourage them!) to participate in our Asthma Education Sessions.

Sandy Younker- Hellman, our Masters Level Registered Nurse, leads this class.  The session consists of a 1½ hour long detailed and personalized discussion. Even if you have received other education about asthma (in the hospital, from another physician’s office, or on your own), we ask that you invest the time to allow us to share our knowledge and experience. We have seen a very positive impact on both understanding the disease and confidence in its treatment.

Also, in order for Dr. Neddenriep to feel safe in providing telephone advice when she does not have the opportunity to exam your child and see their lung test results, she will first verify in the chart that Asthma Education has been done.  Asthma Education is also required for your child to be eligible to be seen in our Outreach Clinics in Safford and Sierra.

Dr. Neddenriep and her staff will provide you with the password to the video at your visit.  




We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the most current information about asthma and are confident that your time will be well spent.


See the attached post-test.  Once you have watched the class video, fill in the answers and send to use - either scan and email, fax, mail, or bring to your visit.  This will allow us to document in the chart that you have participated in the class and have a good understanding of the content.  


Password required. Please contact office.